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Wire Rope Slings are popular at construction sites because of their low cost and resistance to abrasion in rugged work environments. High tensile strength steel wires are combined in various constructions to form ropes with specific characteristics. Standard constructions for slings are referred to as 6X19 or 6X36, designating the total number of wires being used. The greater the number of wires, the greater the flexibility and the lower the resistance to abrasion. Typical sling ropes use 6X19 in the smaller diameters and 6X37 at 1 1/4" diameter and larger. Eye & Eye style slings are the most popular, but numerous end fittings are available to suit specific needs. Lift-All Permaloc wire rope slings use a Flemish Eye Splice to form the sling eyes. This method provides an additional measure of safety over the Return Eye style, should the steel sleeve used to form the eye become damaged.

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