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Energy Absorbing
Product Information

Corner & Wall Protectors help prevent damage to walls in areas with frequent forklift, hand truck and drum traffic. These guards come in high-visibility yellow and are made of high density polyethylene (HDPE). These protectors never need repainting and resists cracking and chipping. They feature unique energy-absorbing construction to withstand heavy impacts from material handling equipment.

Corner Protectors
Corner Protectors come in 21" tall and 42" tall. All Corner Protectors come with two sets, each set is made up of four pieces that connect together to make the full corner protector set. All Corner Protector sets are 10" wide and 6" long.

Wall Protectors
Wall Protectors come in 10" wide pieces and 6" wide pieces. All Wall Protectors come with two sets, each set is 42" wide when all pieces have been connected.

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