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Handle Any Work Piece
Handle anything - porous surface, metal, glass, boxes, bags, pieces with gaps, etc.
Ergonomic Positioning
Reduce injury and make processes easier
Safe and Secure
Reliably handle goods in potential hazard zones
Product Information

Whether in the good receiving or shipping area, in a parcel distribution center or in an airport - anywhere goods are moved quickly and frequently, the vacuum tube lifter Jumbo ensures efficient material flows while easing the burden on your employees.

The woodworking industry has relied on Schmalz handling systems for decades. They are used in combination with CNC machining centers or panel saws to ensure efficient operation and can fulfill the most demanding requirements, such as turning or swiveling workpieces.

Fragile windows and glass sheets require an especially gentle handling process. Vacuum handling allows a single person to easily move even heavy glass components without the risk of breakage.

Metal and Sheet Metal
Using Schmalz handling systems to load and unload punching machines, bending machines, or CNC laser cutting systems reduces downtime while protecting the surface of sensitive workpieces. They can also be used to optimize handling of metal sections and coils.

Chemicals and Pharmaceuticals
In the chemical and pharmaceutical industry, safety is of the utmost importance when handling loads. Schmalz products allow bags, barrels, buckets, and jugs to be handled smoothly and efficiently.

Other Industries
Schmalz handling systems ensure efficient material flows in a number of other industries: From universally applicable standard devices to customer-specific solutions, Schmalz is your partner for vacuum handling.

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