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Tags are made from a durable material to handle weather & harsh environments
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All tags will ensure that you are meeting OSHA's safety requirements
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All tags are sold at a very low price and have price discounts based on quantity
Product Information

YorkHoist offers several different safety tags that can be used with any piece of equipment that can cause harm if used incorrectly. All tags are made from a durable pvc material and either have an adhesive backside or in the case of a double-sided tag, it will have a hole at the top of it to thread a zip tie through. Please see below for the different types of safety tags that you can purchase from us.

Fall Hazard Tag
The falling hazard tag designates areas within a facility or on a job site that requires fall protection to be worn beyond the point of designation. A qualified YorkHoist service technician can locate the proper places for this tag to be placed if needed.

Service Call Tag
Our "for service call" tag will be placed on the unit or in the vicinity of the unit. All units that have been inspected, repaired, or installed will have this tag.

Boom Truck Crane Tag
This tag will be placed on the unit to signify the completed inspection for a boom truck crane. This tag can be replaced once a year.

Electrocution Warning Tag
This tag signifies a dangerous piece of equipment, this electrocution warning tag will be placed on all units that fits under that description. This tag should be placed on all inspected units that do not currently have our electrocution hazard tag placed on it.

Standard Warning Tag
The warning tag can be applied to our customer's unit by a YorkHoist inspector once a year or as desired.

On/Off Tag:
The On/Off tags are placed on pieces of material handling equipment that has an unlabeled on/off switch or an on/off switch that can only be reached with a pull cord. These tags are designed to keep your facility safe and free from unwanted damage.

Call (800) 846-1224 or email us at to order your safety tags today. All tags have price discounts based on the quantity that you order.

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