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Two Styles
Available in both 2 or 3-leg styles
Available in multiple different capacities
User Friendly
Easily attach and detach lifter
Product Information

Manhole Lifters make quick work of lowering, positioning or raising concrete manholes and manhole sleeves. These lifters are available in either 2 or 3-leg styles.

The concrete manhole housing lifter is designed for concrete walls with a thickness between 4-6 inches and will not damage concrete seat. This lifter is available in capacities between 5,000 and 15,000 lbs.

The manhole sleeve lifter easily attaches and releases from the sleeves making it quick and easy to place cast manhole sleeves. This lifter is available in both 1,000 lbs. and 1,500 lbs. capacities.

Brands YorkHoist Carries
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