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Large Capacities
Capacities ranging between 1/4 ton and 150+ tons
Multiple Power Options
Manual and electrical operated options
Easily moved to multiple work cells
Product Information

YorkHoist offers a wide variety of lifting magnets. This includes magnets from both the Automation Group and Mag-Mate Group. Depending on your company's needs there are many options that can be explored.

Manufacturers Group:
Engineered industrial magnetic solutions for automated stacking, destacking, conveying, lifting, transferring, tooling, and fanning of metals.
These magnets are useful in industries such as automotive, stamping, heavy equipment fabrication, conveying, and office furniture manufactures.

Mag-Mate Group:
Magnetic assemblies for work holding, lifting, fixtures, transferring, sweeping, welding, tools, raw materials and more. These magnets are useful in industries such as fabrication, metal, and raw materials.

Brands YorkHoist Carries
  • Industrial Magnetics