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7 Handle Options
Slide Handle Design
Float Mode
Product Information

The Gorbel G-Force is an intelligent lifting device capable of lifting capacities up to 1320 lbs. The G-Force has a rapid return on investment through increased productivity and reduced product damage. The G-Force was designed with the operator in mind. Precise movements, effortless lifting, and unmatched speed range all decrease the risk of operator injury. Depending on your company's individual needs the G-Force can be customized with different handle and programming options.

G-Force Features Graphic

Features & Benefits
G-Force Features Graphic

Handle Options
G-Force Features Graphic

Options & Accessories

  • Shock absorbing end stop
  • Latch hook
  • Extended wire rope drop
  • Slide on Air Hose
  • Transformer
  • Universal trolley adapter

  • Automotive
  • Heavy equipment manufacturing
  • Tool & Die changeouts
  • Natural Gas & Oil Industry
  • Repetitive lifting jobs
  • Parts Assembly
  • Machining
  • Palletizing loads
  • Warehouse loading docks
  • Process Equipment Maintenance

Brands YorkHoist Carries
  • Gorbel