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Light-weight, portable design for easy maneuvering
Slip Resistant
Product Information

Make loading and unloading carrier trucks easier than ever with our high-quality and lightweight dock plates. Portable Poly dock plates are for use with two and four wheeled dollies, hand trucks, and carts. Constructed of durable High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE), our portable dock plates are a lightweight ergonomic option which makes moving materials on docks safe and easy by reducing the chance of injury and damaged goods while transferring them at the threshold of the end of the dock and the trailer opening. Features of our HDPE dock plates include a raised surface for excellent traction in all weather conditions, beveled entry and exit edges, aluminum legs for durability and strength, and has a 4" height differential. This ergonomic design also has two integrated handles for easy handling and can hold 750 lbs. max load. Our dock plates also come in 35" wide and 42" wide designs.

Brands YorkHoist Carries
  • Eagle