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Custom engineered solutions are great for a company needing a solution to work around existing processes/equipment, small spaces/low headroom, or a complex application. With a custom engineered solution we start from scratch and design the system to your exact needs. This includes custom bridge cranes, monorails, jib cranes, hoists, and trolleys. Virtually any task can be completed with a custom engineered solution.

When engineering a custom solution YorkHoist will first evaluate the workflow and/or process the system will need to complete. During this process we will begin the preliminary idea phase. Then we will review all ideas and piece together the most cost effective system to complete the needed tasks.

Available Options

  • Articulating jib cranes
  • Auxiliary hoists
  • Coped bridge cranes
  • Curved monorails
  • Inverter controls
  • Modified jib cranes
  • Motorized jib cranes
  • Multiple hoists
  • Ultra low headroom cranes
  • Ultra low headroom hoists
  • Ultra low headroom trolleys

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