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Lower Upfront Cost
Built locally by YorkHoist for lower labor and shipping costs
Customized Solutions
Each kits is individually engineered allowing for customization
Plug and Play
Designed and built for easy installation at your facility
Product Information

Crane Kits provide customizable plug and play solutions, with lower upfront costs than a traditional bridge crane. A crane kit is simply a crane that is assembled by YorkHoist We purchase the necessary kit from the manufacturer of your choice, and assemble it locally. Because the hoist is assembled locally you save on both assembly labor and shipping of final product. Crane kits have capacities ranging between 1/4 ton and 150+ tons. As with a traditional manufactured bridge crane these cranes are a great option for applications requiring multi-directional movement and wide coverage areas. With a wide variety of options, crane kits can be customized to meet an individual customer's needs.

Available Options

  • Auxiliary hoists
  • Chain or wire rope lifting
  • Customizable solutions
  • Electric or push/pull trolleys
  • Inverter controls
  • Multiple hoists
  • Single, double, and box girder construction

Brands YorkHoist Carries
  • EMH
  • Harrington Hoists
  • R&M
  • Shaw box
  • Yale