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No Electricity
Alternative option when electricity is not a viable option
High speeds available
Spark Resistant
Spark resistant models available
Product Information

Air Powered Trolleys offer variable speeds up to 60 FPM for the 2 and 3 ton options. High torque, smooth starting, and excellent control are all a possibility with the 8-Vane motor. Steel frame side plates that extend beyond the wheels allow for end stop contact, and the side plates have tapped holes which are suitable for bracket attachments such as safety lugs or festooning arms. They offer forged, heat-treated steel with dual tread for use on standard or wide flange beams. The wheel beams are sealed, and the ball bearings are life-time-lubricated. Precise, controlled spotting and efficient load handling are capable through pendant throttle control.

Brands YorkHoist Carries
  • Harrington
  • CM
  • R&M