Proper Lifting Safety

Posted by Kahla Livelsberger in #YHSafetyTips, Feb 28, 2018

Proper lifting techniques are very important. When lifting properly, you can work the proper muscle groups to strengthen. If you do not lift correctly you could damage your back by straining it, tearing a muscle, cause some back problems, and joint pain. Back injuries are serious as they take weeks to months to heal and sometime last a lifetime.

Before you lift a heavy load, you want to determine if you are going to need any help from anyone else first. You want to check the load capacity and determine if stretching before making the lift is needed. If you don't think you can handle the load, do not lift it. Wearing proper shoes is extremely important when lifting something heavy. You don't want to have shoes that could slip and hurt yourself. Also, wearing appropriate gloves to protect you hand from rough areas and to grip better are a good idea. Check the area from where the load is and to where you are taking it too - to be sure there is a clear pathway. You can test to see if the load is able to be lifted by pushing it lightly with your hands or your feet. Check all the boxes and make sure they are packaged correctly so that nothing falls out.

When you are lifting you want to make sure the weight that you are carrying is centered between your legs and shoulders. Do not ever lift with your back - lift with your legs and hips, and always bend with your legs and keep your back straight. Make sure you keep the weight close to your body, not out in front of you. And do not ever lift something heavy above shoulder level. Do not bend forward when picking up the weight. If you have to use handles or straps to make it easier that is okay. Do not reach out for any objects while carrying your weight - keep both hands on the load.

After you made the lift and you are carrying the load, keep you back as straight as possible. Make sure you do not slouch and strain your back. Keep the load you have lifted as close to you as possible and do not turn your body back and forth as it could hurt your back. You want to sit the weight down just like you picked it up - Bend at your knees and keep your back straight. After moving something heavy you need to take a break before lifting again. You do not want to wear out your back. Move the load slow and carefully.

1. Keep a wide base of support
2. Squat
3. Keep good posture
4. Slowly lift
5. Hold load close to body
6. Use your feet to change the direction
7. Set the load down carefully

There are many options for lifting things that are too heavy for you to lift alone. We offer many products that can help you with your lifting needs. Check out some of our products below.

1. Hoists
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7. Stackers
8. Lift Tables
9. Tilters
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