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Posted by Ashley Bechtel in #YHSafetyTips, Aug 16, 2017

Having a safety committee in the workplace is extremely beneficial for your company and for your employees. It reduces employee illnesses, injuries, and identifies hazards in the workplace. Although OSHA does not require companies to have a safety committee, it is highly recommended.

What does a safety committee do?

A safety committee should go over rules and regulations currently in place, as well as come up with ways to eliminate any potential hazards to make your workplace a more safe place overall.

How often should a safety committee meet?

It is recommended that you meet at least once a quarter, but monthly meetings could be more effective.

Who should attend meetings?

Anyone and everyone can and should attend safety meetings. Studies have shown that the more employees that attend safety meetings, the lower the risk of injury and even illness. If you keep the idea of "safety" in front of your employees, and always on their minds, they will make smarter decisions that can prevent injuries. Your committee should be a good mix of upper management, management, and base-line employees.

Other tips:

  • It is recommended that your safety committee is trained in OSHA regulations and workplace safety prevention so that they can help your employees stay up to date.
  • Schedule the meetings around the same time every month. This allows all attendees to prepare for any pre-determined topics for discussion. It also allows everyone to block out time in their schedule so that they don't miss the meetings.
  • Make sure all your committee members have a reasonable amount of time to complete their safety duties.
  • Make sure you stay on topic during your meetings. It is very unproductive and a waste of time to bring up anything during the meeting that will not help with the safety of your employees.
  • It does not matter how many people are in your committee. The more the better.

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