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Create Environment Separation and Insect Control with Air Curtains

Help create a safe work environment for your employees with the use of air curtains. Also known as air doors, air curtains employ a controlled stream of air aimed across an opening to create an air seal. Designed to separate different environments while allowing an uninterrupted flow of traffic and an unobstructed view, air curtains are ideal for industrial and commercial settings. In addition to providing environment separation, air curtains also control the infiltration of pollutants and flying insects. Many health departments across the country require air curtains and/or other chemical free insect deterrents as part of being in compliance with health and safety standards.

Air Curtains

How Air Curtains Help Maintain Safe Environments

  • Provide chemical-free insect control
  • Help to eliminate dust or gases
  • Keep environments free of vehicle exhaust
  • Maintain stable temperatures in walk in coolers to help eliminate food spoilage
  • Provide unobstructed visibility across thresholds

Restaurant and Food Service


Sanitation Certified Air Curtains are chosen by restaurants and kitchen designers who are concerned with meeting food service standards, health department requirements, and their own criteria for flying insect control when the door is open. Available in a wide variety of lengths, Berner Air Curtains from YorkHoist can be customized to any project specification. In addition, all Berner Sanitation Certified Air Curtains are made with high quality materials in the USA.

Sanitation Certified Air Curtains from Berner are manufactured to meet safety standards and certifications including ANSI/NSF Standard 37 for flying insect control for food service applications. The USDA’s “Sanitation Performance Standards Compliance Guide” recommends air curtains for protection against insects and rodents for windows and doors of food establishments. The FDA also recommends controlled air curtains for insect control at all openings including loading docks and delivery doors.

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Industrial and Manufacturing Settings


Designed for use in areas where dust or gases may create a hazardous situation, Hazardous Location Air Curtains are used to keep temperatures stable and flying insects out when the doors are open.

Berner Hazardous Location Air Curtains are manufactured to comply with ANSI/NFPA-70 National Electrical Code (NEC) for Electrical Equipment: Class I, Division 1 and 2, Groups C and D for gases, and Class II, Division 1 and 2, Groups F and G for dust.

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Schools, Universities, and Hospitals


Air curtains in schools, universities and hospitals help maintain a comfortable environment for employees and guests in lobbies, waiting areas and loading docks.

In emergency rooms, air curtains are used along with or instead of a vestibule to maintain a comfortable environment free of vehicle exhaust.

Want to learn more about using air curtains to create a safe environment? Visit YorkHoist.com or contact your YorkHoist representative for a quote. From commercial, sanitation, industrial, architectural, and hazardous locations - we have an air curtain for you.

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