Crane Regulations

Posted by Kahla Livelsberger in #YHSafetyTips, Apr 25, 2018

It is imporant and mandatory to have your cranes inspected and up to code. You must have all your cranes inspected before you begin using them for the first time, and if you have them relocated and reinstalled. All new or relocated cranes must be evaluated and inspected. Depending on the OSHA regulations depends on when you will have your crane and crane parts inspected. It can be anywhere from daily to yearly.

Inspections are to be performed daily by the worker before use. Below we list things you should be checking for when inspecting your crane for the day.

Make sure your crane is in working order and there is no "out of order" sign
Make sure you check all of your control device and that everything is going in the right direction
Make sure you check the brakes. Be sure the stopping distances are how they should be
Make sure your hook for your crane has a working hook latch
Make sure your wire ropes or load chains pass inspection
Make sure you check your wire rope is properly reeved
Make sure the limit switches are working properly
Make sure there is no oil leaking
Make sure you check out any unusual sounds
Make sure you have your warning lables on

All cranes must be inspected every 12 months by a qualified inspector. If something needs to be fixed, it will be taken out of service until brought back to standard. Below we list the things OSHA looks for during inspections.

Check the whole crane, including the boom and the jib
Check everything for cracks and corrosion
Check the bolts, fastners, and the rivets
Check the sheaves and the drums
Check the Gas and electric
Check the electrical components
Hydraulic & pneumatic hoses, fittings, and tubing
Check the brakes and clutch system parts, lining, pawls, and ratchets
Check the Safety devices
Check the chains
Check the Travel steering and locking devices
Check the warning labels
Check the steps, ladders, guardrails

You must keep your paperwork for your crane inspections on file for atleast a year. Below are more OSHA regulations for cranes. OSHA CRANE REGUALTIONS

All YorkHoist inspectors meet and exceed OSHA, ANSI, CMMA, and CCAA requirements. Bundle your below-the-hook lifting device inspection with our Guardian Assurance Packages to save thousands annually.

Qualified Inspector Information, FREE GUIDE

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